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"[In Chicken Run, the] best voicing, however, comes from Julia Sawalha as Ginger, the smart and determined heroine. Imbuing her character with the proper, but subtle nuances needed to make the character work, Sawalha gives the best vocal performance by an actress in quite some time in such an animated effort."
--Screen It!

"Ginger is the heart of the film. Julia makes her both endearing and plucky. You can't help but be swept up in quest to be free."
--Crazy for Cinema

"[The] plucky heroine, Ginger, voiced marvelously by BBC veteran Julia Sawalha, has all the slight eyebrow manipulations to show surprise, anger, adoration, and cleverness...Maybe I've been hanging around humans too long, but I found Ginger to be one of the best role models around for both children and adults, no matter if they're American or British."
--Darren Tayama,

"Credit much of the film's intelligent comedy to two able veterans of Absolutely Fabulous, Julia Sawalha and Jane Horrocks. As Ginger, Sawalha never lets her mother hen's heroic aspirations get in the way of a genuinely funny moment, while Ms. Horrocks exhibits some of the best comic timing since Lucille Ball."
--Gabriel Shanks,

"Every single voice is executed perfectly. I particularly liked the fact that the strongest character was female and Julia Sawalha pulls off a Ginger who deserves respect and admiration."
--Ram Samudrala, Movie Ram-blings

"Gibson deftly plays off his cocky screen image, Richardson is wonderfully evil as Mrs. Tweedy, and Jane Horrocks is the voice of complacency and resignation as the overweight Babs. But the film really belongs to Sawalha."
--Jonathan Foreman, New York Post

"Julia Sawalha gives Ginger a brave, smart, you-go-hen! attitude."
--Steven Rosen, Denver Post

"It's no wonder that Sawalha and Horrocks take to their outrageous tasks like ducks to water or chickens to feed: They're both graduates of the cutting-edge TV comedy `Absolutely Fabulous.' Indeed, in "Chicken Run," Sawalha's stirring stalwartness and Horrocks' infectious ditziness extend those earlier characterizations."
--Michael Sragow,

"Mel Gibson brings his expected energy and an antic, boisterous humor to the cocky Rocky, but the heart of the film is Julia Sawalha's Ginger, a self-sufficient, sometimes officious gal who could probably escape by herself but whose deep concern for her fellow hens compels her to find a way to get everyone out."

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