Game Coder Episode 001

This is the first video in a series introducing coding techniques.

Our aim is to learn the coding techniques needed to write video games.

In this first video we get started writing code on Windows using the software on the system. No need to rush out and buy any software today, everything you need is already on your PC, namely:

You will learn how to create a webpage, edit it and show the results in the web browser.


Today's episode, on YouTube

Lesson Details

We are coding using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and in this first video we create the game stage using HTML and CSS-styles.

Key techniques we learn today are:

Viewer is expected to type along with the video to learn the techniques.

All the files created are available for download, see the File Downloads section later.


Homework for this lesson is to go findout what the values in HTML Color Codes mean, for example, why would #00f mean "blue", and why are #00f and #0000ff the same, but different!

You may also want to find out what hexadecimal numbers are, as we use hexadecimal numbers to set the color codes.

File Downloads

Download Today's Lesson Code

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