Ben and Rik did a bit of brain storming and we came up with the following list of stuff that we think is cool. We're not saying that you should buy it for us necessily ... but if you're ever stuck for birthday ideas for your favorite boys, then take our advice and buy something from this list.
An alternative - and this might sound a bit mercenary - send us an Amazon Gift Certificate. And we can decide what to buy...
CategoryKewl Toys
ComputerLivescribe "Sky" Smart Pen
Logitech BT Android Keyboard
Raspberry Pi Embedded Computer
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
InventionsLivescribe "Sky" Smart Pen
Raspberry Pi Embedded Computer
MultimediaSamsung Galaxy Note 10.1

  Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1    
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
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Love this tablet from Samsung.

I have actually bought one of these for Mrs Sagar, but now I want one for myself. Yes, I do already have a Samsung Galaxy Tab2, but what I like about this Galaxy Note is the possibility to run two applications at the same time, side by side. This would be great for me as I often want to leave video playing while writing an email, or have a webpage and email visible at the same time.

The Note also has HDMI out, which is working really well for Mrs Sagar, who uses it to watch her BBC iPlayer on the big screen.

Multimedia is very good on the Samsung tablets. Samsung has done a great job of supporting all the various file formats (containers) and codecs. Their All Share DLNA client isn't very good, but it's just about usable for finding a video that I might have on my home file server. It's completely useless for finding music albums on the fileserver unfortunately, but for audio I use the Amazon MP3 player, which is good and supports local as well as cloud playback.

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