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Grapes of Wrath
I Am The Grand Canyon
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  Catcher in the Rye    
Catcher in the Rye
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Putting two and two together - This book plus Cannery Row - you might think I'm doing a reading tour of popular US literature.

Actually, I got this book as it got a mention in some Mel Gibson film called Conspiracy Theory.

I've laughed a couple of times while I've been reading it. Definatly a teenage angst book.

It's a monologue by a schoolboy (Caulfield) who keeps getting thrown out of various private schools (public boarding schools if your English). Obviously a rich drop-out. He hates everything and everybody.

Actually, I haven't quite finished it yet - so don't spoil it for me. I am expecting that Caulfield kills either himself, some innocent bystander or a loved family member before the end of the book ... but I could be wrong.

If it ends as it has progressed so far I would have to say - Don't rush out to buy this one. Unless of course you're a teenage public school drop-out who thinks you're much smarter than everyone else, you think everything sucks and everyone around you is a phony. In which case read it and you'll realize how disimilar you are to the rest of society.

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