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  Using Perl 5 for Web Programming    
Using Perl 5 for Web Programming
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Yeah, I know this is a nurdy one, but it's been a really useful book!
While everyone tells you to buy the "Camel book", if you want the ultimate reference to programming in Perl, I think this one gives you a lot more when you're just starting out.
Where as the Camel book is indeed a reference, i.e., someone typed man perl > lpr, this book works through some real examples to show you how to use Perl, particularly in the context of web application development.
The page you are now reading was infact served to you
using the knowledge I got from this book.

The only criticism I have of the book is that, while it claims to be Perl 5, it was actually written as a Perl 4 book and they've updated it. Unfortunately, they haven't really done enough work with updating, so there's very little information on using new Perl 5 features, like packages, classes, etc. As a result, I eventually went out and bought the camel book too, on someone elses recommendation.
So in conclusion:
Buy this book if you want to learn how to create great web sites like mine ;-)

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