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Tails of the City
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Well, it started off well, but turned out to be not the book for me.

I was drawn to it as it started out with a girl visiting San Francisco, falling in love with the city and calling her parents to tell them she wouldn't be coming home.

Then the poor girl has to deal with making new friends in a strange city, clinging initially to a high school classmate because it was someone she know, though didn't really like.

Then the book got a little off track for my tastes. I have no trouble with the amount of pot smoking, promiscuity and homosexuality, don't get me wrong, that's all good.

I just found it a little unbelievable. If you're living in a city with close to a million people and you decide to go out for some casual gay sex with a random stranger, the chances of it being your house mate's boss are slim. Then pile on the notion that said stranger's wife is a patient of your boyfriend. I'm having trouble with the suspending of the disbelief thing at this point!

I got to the end of the story, but there was no great revelation for me through reading this book. Just glad it's over.

It's supposed to be a classic though! There are sequels and a DVD. Maupin got famous off it!

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